North Las Vegas Natives, Wave MMLZ & G. Reed Reconnect For A Potent New Single

Las Vegas Hip-Hop has started to pick up some steam and publicity recently, and that has put a complete battery in some of the residents’ back. Two of them happen to be, Wave MMLZ G. Reed, who as of late, have been on a complete tear. Continuing their dominance, the duo drops off their lyrically charged new song, “Whiplash”.

Produced by Wave himself, “Whiplash” is best described as a gritty, lyrical affair that sees Reed & Wave at their absolute best. With Wave taking charge of the first verse, as well as contributing an incredibly infectious chorus, Reed does what Reed does best and delivers a scathing last verse, leaving the pristine production to be torn to pieces.

Check out the new record below and dive into some real Vegas Hip-Hop.

Source: Elevator

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