South Central General, JAG Delivers His Anticpated New Project

Over the last year or so, South Central native JAG has been quietly one of the fastest rising rappers in Los Angeles. Sporting threatening lyrical abilities, an aggressive attitude and fire music, JAG is unapologetically L.A. & proves it on his impressive new project, Loren Miller: Act 1.

At eight-tracks, it’s obvious that Loren Miller is the beginning of a new wave for JAG. While the project is without a doubt full of content and important social themes like racism, incarceration ratios and overall improvement within the community, you can tell at the end of the project that JAG has more to say, having to fit all of his thoughts into eight songs.

Despite this, the project has little skips and is full of gems. Almost immediately, the So Cal native accurately extracts the feel of a good LA day on the record, “Pastor”, right before he describes the other kind of day natives have on, “Stressed”.

With this project focusing more on social awareness than anything else — save for, “Drippin” and “Juice” — it’s refreshing to see JAG take on this responsibility for the new class of rappers. With melody and sedation serving as the two driving forces in Hip-Hop right now, the refreshing plight of JAG should comfortably find its place. Listen to the project below and decide for yourself.

Source: Elevator

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