London Rapper, Dave Unleashes His Contemplative New Album

For whatever reason, here in the states, we box all Hip-Hop coming from London under the “Grime” genre-tag. Well… surprise, it’s not all fun, games and warm brews—these guys have some substantial shit to say. One of those artists is Brixton native, Dave, who drops off his highly reflective new album, PSYCHODRAMA.

At 11-tracks, PSYCHODRAMA is the absolute perfect length for the thoughts that Dave was trying to get off. Known more in the states for the melodic, auto-tuned style he displayed on his debut single, “Wanna Know”, he instead opts for a more lyrical approach on this one. Utilizing his accent to help bend his words to help fit cadences and to accentuate some key bars, Dave proves himself as a more than capable lyricist on tracks like, “Black”, an ode to being Black in a White World.

Some other standouts from this project include, “Location” the Burbs Boy assisted bop where that melody creeps back in, “Screwface Capital” and “Streatham” the lyrically dense, scathing ode to his home that made me stop, roll up and review this album.

Check out, PSYCHODRAMA below and get familiar with Dave.

Source: Elevator

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