Rising Brockton Native, Philly Releases His Vibrant New Project

As a writer, I generally tend to get in my feelings and cover a lot of darker music. For whatever reason, it just feels refreshing, sonically. However, when I came across Massachusetts native Philly (how ironic) and his new project, Wop Talk, his care-free and feel good music got without a doubt got me on my feet.

Cut short at 9-tracks and mostly consistent of trap beats, catchy melodies, and infectious crooning, Wop Talk is still not your every day, “turn up” music. Showcasing an obviously strong sense of songwriting and melodic progression, Philly absolutely shines on this project, displaying his versatility throughout the whole project.

On the song, “Pockets Stuff’d,” he shows off his lyrical prowess and sports knowledge with clever lines like, “I was on the block all day like Olajuwon,” while on tracks like, “Speedracer” he lights up his cadence structures, spewing off bars at a rapid pace.

Check out, Wop Talk below and get familiar with Philly.

Source: Elevator

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