BlackMayo just wants you to keep it real

Prodigal producer BlackMayo is expanding his artistic repertoire recently. The veteran producer is ready to have his voice and he’s showing surprising promise already. Following in the footsteps of producers-turned-artists like Sonny Digital, Mayo appears ready for the spotlight as he transitions to becoming the voice behind his own booming instrumentals. His latest single, “Fake Luv”, finds Mayo feeling conflicted about the acknowledgment he’s received since his star has ascended.

The Mayo X SwaggggyB produced beat features some heavy production that juxtaposes nicely with Mayo’s melodic vocals on the infectious new track. If Mayo continues to improve his flow and keeps his most polished beats for himself, the rest of the music industry should take note. The man behind countless hits is out to make a few of his own, and it appears he’s well on his way towards developing into a bonafide star.

If you’re tired of the “Fake Luv” press play below.

Source: Elevator

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