Ronnie Rage debuts vivid new visual

Don’t get caught sleeping on Ronnie Rage. The rapidly emerging emcee is making the most of things on his anthemic new release, “How It Be”. The infectious instrumental produced by Nabuddah carries the sensational new single as Rage delivers plenty of energy on the hard-hitting single.

The accompanying X-Ray Productions directed visual finds Rage making the most of his surroundings as he and friends take joy in the simple things, like joyriding in the grocery store on electric carts. Despite the best efforts of some sour employee who I’m going to guess was named Karen or some pretentious shit like that who threatened the rapper with security, Rage and his crew are busy enjoying life and all it has to offer.

Ronnie Rage may still be progressing as an artist, but the lyrics he possesses are that of a seasoned veteran. As the emerging act continues to carve out his space in the industry, it’s best for you to get familiar quickly.

Source: Elevator

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