Tristan Nova drops off assertive EP ‘I’m Okay’

Northern Atlanta’s Tristan Nova may not look like the average ATL act, being devoid of the hair and face tattoos. One thing he isn’t lacking is music ability, employing his enthralling voice over the course of 10 songs in new EP I’m Okay. If he’s talking music, I’d say he’s more than okay but the content of the project certainly hints more so at his state of mind and being.

At 23 minutes, Nova doesn’t take up too much of your time but he gets a lot off his chest. The 18-year-old Colombian American, originally born in Los Angeles, addresses women, the paper chase, those he doesn’t associate with, and his way of life. I’m Okay feels more like an assertion than him trying to convince us of anything we may not already believe.

“GSL” is all about him trying to make his lover happy, offering her Gucci and Saint Laurent as well as hinting at what he’s gonna bring to the bedroom when it’s time. Even still, she’s left to desire more and still willing to leave him. Though disappointing for many, he doesn’t seem too disturbed. He admits he feels sad and alone sometimes, but that’s just life.

“Vibe” is the shortest track in length, sitting at a minute and 44 seconds but I’d argue it’s the best on the EP. Not just because I get guilty pleasure out of using that word. He carries on with a solid flow and cadence, with some clever wordplay as well. “Now she doing 105, I feel like I’m gonna die, on the low this bitch can’t drive, yeah yeah yeah” got many laughs from me. Car crashes are for sure not the vibes.

He’s genuinely confident and content with where he is. I mean, the kid is not only a songwriter but a fashion designer and video director. He’s got high school students in Northern Atlanta buzzing about all he’s doing. I’d be okay too in that situation. Creativity comes easy for the artist fluent in both English and Spanish. Now, it’s simply a matter of keeping the ball rolling.

With a work-ethic and multi-faceted approach like his, we could hear the name Tristan Nova for a long time. Check out the EP I’m Okay below!

Source: Elevator

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