Anklegod shares anthemic new single

Youthful emcee Anklegod is making a prominent return with his blistering new sequential single, “Top Down, Part 2”. The blaring new Farri-produced instrumental serves as the follow-up to Anklegod’s previously released hit, “Top Down”. The vibrant vocalist displays a masterful control over the chaotic instrumental. As Ankle continues his ascent he remains mindful of the distractions and vices that many succumb to. As his fame steadily increases, Ankle seems content to watch his circle grow ever smaller as he chooses to surround himself by only a chosen few loyal friends.

With the right team in place and his undeniable talent, it isn’t tough to envision a time not too far from now where Anklegod’s scorching singles are garnering him plaques on a regular basis. In the meantime, get familiar with his latest offering and keep an eye out for more from the talented emcee in the coming months.

Press play on “Top Down Part 2” below.

Source: Elevator

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