Break the replay button on 1996Montana’s new singles

As you should know by now, I absolutely love finding and putting Elevator’s feed onto hit-making, and relatively low-key, underground talents. Luckily, a few days ago I stumbled across a gleaming hidden gem—an Indiana based artist and songwriter by the name of 1996Montana.

Interestingly enough, the 22-year-old currently writes hits for Pulse Records out of LA and runs his own collective called N96. Having done music for two years and counting now, it wasn’t until this past year that 1996Montana decided to get serious and more comfortable with his sound. Focused on pushing the limits with every release, 1996Montana shifts genres back and forth, endlessly creating innovative flows.

The single that introduced me to him first is titled “Furthest Thing Redux” and is recorded over the instrumental of Drake’s “Furthest Thing”. After that release, 1996Montana went back to back with a quick new release of “Coldhart Carhartts” featuring Joshua+, produced by Bayem.

I recommend listening to his past releases as well as these new ones, but otherwise, check out the new waves below.

Source: Elevator

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