Caj Encee enjoys a lovely Paris evening in in new visual

I’ve never been to Paris, but Instagram pictures and tv shows, not to mention word of mouth, have made it very clear to me it’s somewhere I ought to visit ASAP. Seattle-based artist Caj Encee had been building a lot of buzz around his single “Paris Nights” and a while back delivered a visual I felt worth a revisit. As he rolls out an album set for release in March, this debonaire video could be hinting at the kind of energy he’s bringing forth.

Rarely seen without a cigar and double shot of what appears to be scotch, Encee delivers line after line, showing off parts of the beautiful city and his worldwide mindset. Director Dyllyn Greenwood balance Encee as the focal point while simultaneously using the scenery to create a wealthy aura. I especially enjoyed the scene where he rapped to himself in the mirror while wearing two different outfits.

Can’t forget to mention the homage he pays to Seattle legends Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix in the track. It’s an elegant experience, and I’m trying to match that energy. Check out Caj Encee’s video for “Paris Nights” below.

Source: Elevator

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