Dezzy Chamberland drops off electric new single

Dezzy Chamberland is bringing the heat from Boston once again with single “911.” The electric single is infectious, feature DezzyOneShot’s usual brand of brashness and flashiness. I can’t say I wouldn’t be feeling myself if I was him, after the success of the Tory Lanez-assisted “1 Hunnit.’

The hook he refers to his Porsche 911, the fact he’s always strapped, and he’s so fly he looks like an angel straight from heaven’s gates. The ascendant nods continue, stating he’s “spacing off” and “on Mars.” With the success and hype he’s building in the city, the feeling of being larger than life is understandable. He’s flow toes the line between mellow and gritty, I’m just not exactly certain what that word is.

Perhaps that’s by design. Dezzy is committed to delivering a new sound from the home of the Red Sox. We’ll have to wait and see the result, but for now we’ve got “911.” Stream the single below.

Source: Elevator

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