Mynameismalick wants you to get off your ass

Youthful talent Mynameismalick is trying to inspire his listeners to get their money up on his latest motivational anthem, “F*ck Is U Doin”. The blistering new offering finds Malick listing ways for his competition (or lack thereof) to increase their funds and respect. In an industry filled with materialistic glamour, Malick isn’t getting caught up in the distractions. Instead, the prolific emcee is doubling down on his undeniable talent and unleashing a string of hard-hitting singles.

“F*ck Is U Doing” is the first we’ve heard form Malick in nearly a month, but it appears the wait was well worth it. The scorching new single is sure to have your neck snapping in no time while you begin plotting on your own come up. Keep an eye out for Malick in the rest of 2019 and beyond.

Press play on “F*ck Is U Doing” below.

Source: Elevator

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