Pi Day, but for Drake a much larger slice of his life

Happy 3/14! If you’re an active nerd or in school, you’re probably enduring a bunch of corny jokes and store bought pies in celebration of Pi Day. Cool! For some, this day comes with a bit more drama than not getting the last slice of sweet potato pie. It was the day Drake found out for sure that he had a son on the way, and The Boy had to turn into The Man.

Rumors circulated for quite some time about his child, but it wasn’t until the explosive beef between him and Pusha T that we all got confirmation that he had a son with Sophie Brussaux, former pornstar. Naturally, all were shocked and appalled Aubrey hid his child for that long. The often entitled music world questioned if he was ever actually there for young Adonis, which was cleared up on Scorpion‘s album closer “March 14” produced by T-Minus and Josh Valle.

“Yesterday morning was crazy, I had to come to terms with fact that it’s not a maybe, shit is in stone, sealed and signed, she not my lover like Billie Jean but the kid is mine.” We know how introspective he gets on the finishers, but this song was perhaps the most vulnerable of all. It was almost sad to hear the defeated tone and struggles he endured with Sophie, but his assurance that he’d be there for Adonis and had already met him eased fans’ minds.

There was a lot of pressure on Drake with his album, and being such a polarizing figure most people either loved it or hated it. Still, nine months later, I salute him for taking Push’s punches on the chin and owning up to his reality through song. The shots at Kanye West after were definitely personal, especially given the fact he believes West was responsible for Push knowing about Adonis per his revelation on the shop.

The Daytona artist quickly stopped by The Joe Budden Podcast to clear the air, correcting the 6 God and saying his own running buddy Noah “40” Shebib spilled the beans to a woman that was affiliated with G.O.O.D. Peace hasn’t come easy for Drake since May, even with all he has accomplished. Despite all the “bad” that may have come out of this, we got to see him for the first time get into his feelings about someone that isn’t women, his parents, or the hate he gets in his career.

I feel we will look back on “March 14” when all is said and done for Drizzy, and regard it among some of his best work. Having a clearer lens to view it through than the tainted lens provided by G.O.O.D Music, we’ll see that he took a mature leap, accepted his wrongs and embraced fatherhood because it’s what a man has to do in that situation.

It’ll be a bit before young Adonis truly understands all that occurred, but it’ll be interesting to see how he’s integrated into Champagne’s life as he gets older. When will we see a picture of them? I had a scary thought just now – what if Adonis wants to go into music and becomes exactly like Drake? The anti-OVO Hive is in shambles just thinking about it.

Stream “March 14” below and try not to tear up.

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