Tap In With Los Angeles Singer, Kyle Banks & His Infectious New Single

R&B is at a spot, right now, where I don’t have many complaints as a fan. We’re blessed with sounds from all directions, and we should be thankful. One of the guys making what I like to call, Pop-Soul — a creative mix of nostalgic soul music samples and ambitious bass-kicks — is L.A. native Kyle Banks, who drops off his new single, “Calabasas”.

As expected, the song feels like one of those late nights in L.A., speeding on the 15, looking for the next — or last — move for the night. From the get-go, Kyle showcases his impressive vocal range and knack for melodic progressions, the rising singer does a brilliant job of keeping his lyrical content substantial, without making the whole vibe of the record too somber.

With the production taking lead from the aforementioned Pop-Soul qualities, Kyle’s sound feels both authentic and immediately enjoyable, a tough and impressive feat for any ascending artist in this climate.

Check out the record below and get familiar with Kyle Banks.

Source: Elevator

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