Tyshawn does a lot with a little in new visual

Several months ago back in 2018 I wrote about single “Great” from multi-talented artist, producer, and DJ Tyshawn. The Florida resident told a honest, relatable story of embracing one’s inner excellence when their wallet may not reflect such. It wasn’t a sob story though, but rather an assertion that one day his mama, label, and his own life will be just fine.

The dazzling flows and wordplay made the track a special treat, being the 27-year-old’s debut and all. The accompanying visual released today shows just how creative and conceptual he can be. The one minute, 45-second long video directed by Dream Above The Vision shows the rapper slowly strolling down a staircase, sporting a Polo tee, Adidas sweats and sneakers which he makes sure to point out to us in between clips. Polo, not Izod, to be clear.

Not once during the video do we see his face, which gives off this larger than life feeling. Sadly reality hits when he’s about to jet off in his car and he’s out of gas. An accurate depiction of how many rap careers start out. You can flex hard, but flexin’ doesn’t put gas in the whip. Tyshawn seems to have a plan though. I mean, it cost him $415 to make the video and he recouped $190 after returning the fit.

Whether true or not, it’s funny and smart business. I anticipate more of this quirkiness from the rapper, and the different sounds he can come out with. Keep an eye on Tyshawn and watch “Great” below.

Source: Elevator

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