Gnar shares reflective new record

Gnar is one of the more unique voices in music. From his background in skateboarding to his entrepreneurial inclinations in building his own brand, the Gnarcotic general is always busy. On his latest record, the fiery emcee admits that he’s been going through some changes on the impassioned OG Parker-produced single. Gnar, who is known for his ear-splitting bars and ferocious delivery, trades his typical delivery for a more melodic style on the new track, “Life On Fire (Jazmyns Song)”. The result is a record that resonates with impressive depth as Gnar shares a myriad of reflective lyrics.

Change isn’t always a bad thing, but it’s almost always scary at first. It appears Gnar is determined to beat the odds by any means necessary while utilizing music as his therapeutic outlet amongst the noise and distractions. While his circumstances may continue to evolve, we hope Gnar never changes.

Press play on Gnar’s latest below.

Source: Elevator

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