Kessi shares illuminating new single

Talented newcomer Kessi is quickly making a name for himself with a soothing melodic delivery and impeccable beat selection. The emerging talent’s latest offering is an illuminating new single entitled “Shine”. Over the emphatic instrumental Kessi reminds listeners that he is destined to shine by any means necessary and with impactful offerings like “Shine”, it appears it won’t be long before Kessi obtains the bright future he envisions. As Kessi continues to work on improving his musical talents, it appears he’s already ahead of most by remaining unapologetically himself despite the critics.

As Kessi continues to progress, we look forward to seeing what direction he chooses to go in light of his newfound fame and loyal following. If he can remain grounded despite the industry’s many distractions, then he’ll be well on his way to shining brighter than his contemporaries with the help of his infectious vocals and unwavering authenticity.

Press play on “Shine” below.

Source: Elevator

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