Paige Garabito shares impassioned new track

With angelic vocals and introspective lyrics, it’s tough to see why Paige Garabito isn’t already a more heavily talked about name in music. The talented songstress’ latest effort, “Hollywood Myth Interlude” is an impactful and layered new release that finds Paige comparing true love to a mythical Hollywood script. The somber new single draws listeners in with a minimalistic piano-driven instrumental that also features a multitude of other conflicting sounds such as sirens, camera flashes, and other atmospheric additions that help make the stunning new composition a beautifully layered and composed creation from the emerging talent.

Despite its relatively short duration at just two and a half minutes, the track is as impactful as anything I’ve heard all week and displays Paige’s incredible songwriting skill while putting her vocal ability on full display throughout the transcendental new track. Get familiar with the stunning new songstress quickly.

Press play on “Hollywood Myth Interlude” below.

Source: Elevator

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