Watch NVNNV – “Look at Y’all”

NVNNV is back with his 3rd single “Look at Y’all”. Sharp lyrics and word play take a dive into a more personal space than we are used to when it comes to NVNNV. The track deals with making the decision between riches or morality.
Cory Liggins, known by his stage name, “NVNNV” is an American rapper from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Raised in Gwinnett County, Georgia, Cory grew up amidst drugs, violence, and low standards of living. The child of a single mother Cory grew up moving around frequently. However, he found solace in music. He idolized artists such as Eminem, Michael Jackson, and Jay-Z while growing up and fell in love with rap music at the age of 5. While in high school, he started making music and uploading it on the internet.

NVNNV has been steadily making music as a producer, but has recently stepped into the spotlight as a recording Artist. The rapper got his stage name from his Grandmother who he calls “Nunna”. He made a vow to keep her name alive. NVNNV’s music is a culmination of his producer past and the experienced growing up moving from city to city. NVNNV is best known for his debut single “I Got a List” produced by MHMD, released in early 2019.

Source: Elevator

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