Xavier Wulf shares intergalactic new video

Xavier Wulf has become a staple in the underground scene. His signature bravado and emphatic delivery make for an engaging listen on each release in the versatile vocalist’s catalog. The latest addition to which, Battlestar X Pt. 1 is another anthemic addition to the energetic emcee’s vault of hits. One of the project’s standout tracks, “Space Punks” is now getting a lively new visual accompaniment that’s sure to delight viewers and listeners alike. Regardless of whether these punks are from space or down the block, they stand little chance next to Wulf.

The fiery emcee is reminding the competition that he’s content to stand on all ten toes regardless of the obstacles facing him. While many others get caught up in the vices and many distractions surrounding the industry, Wulf seems content to continue applying the lyrical pressure.

Stream his latest project, Battlestar X Pt. 1 here and press play on “Space Punks” below.

Source: Elevator

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