MDM London drops off somber new single

Sometimes we get sold a dream by someone, and we return the energy with our entire being only to have the rug pulled from under us. Miami R&B singer MDM London details the dangers of giving yourself over to someone in “Soul Currency.” Somber content such as this over an aggressive beat always hits a hit harder, forcefully displaying the results of selling one’s soul to the wrong person.

MDM is talking about more than love though, as it seems she feels this game requires compromising who you are to get ahead. That can be musically or personally, bringing up drug use and its downfalls. There’s something so powerful in the title of the song alone, but it’s the way it progresses over the span of three minutes and 32 seconds that makes the message impactful.

MDM London has a few things coming that you ought to keep your eye on. She brings a unique vibe to the happy medium between Rap and R&B. Check out “Soul Currency” below.

Source: Elevator

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