Enigmatic act The Hour shares potent track and bold, bizarre new video

The Hour is a mysterious act. We know they’re from the UK and released tracks a few years ago, but that’s it, basically. However, that’s not stopping us from getting into their new content here, as a new track and visual have arrived today.

Curiously, the two items go by different names (the audio is titled “Wasted,” while the video is titled “Mother”), but, what they have in common is their ability to grab your attention and not let it go away. This is a bold, alternative-stricken style they’ve got here, and it’s not really being done by too many acts worldwide.

Listen below to the song (and definitely catch the visual), and watch out for more from the shrouded act this year. Per a source close to them, they’re expecting 2019 to be pretty big.

Source: Elevator

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