Juto releases 7-track EP, painting the many vivid pictures of love

If you’ve ever been in love before, you understand how love can be packaged and delivered in many different forms. Most of us can relate to the facets surrounding the notion, whether that be loving someone, or yourself in solidarity. Juto seems to understand these angles to the core, as heard in his latest EP titled Velvet, which released today.

Consisting of 7 songs, Juto’s vocals are profound as he tells stories of how love has the ability to make someone lose and rediscover themselves all in the same token while also being comfortable in his own skin without anyone by his side. His guitar assists in the guise of romantic energy throughout the duration of each track, balancing both R&B and soul tunes with ease. Songs like “Scarlett” & “Games” are standouts for me personally, as they embody a particular strength both sonically and lyrically. Juto is one of those artists that should be kept on the radar— as this project speaks with detailed refinement. Lowkey seems to be the way to go for Juto, although he also communicates that he can easily toggle between being in his comfort zone to wearing his heart on his sleeve with vulnerability and most importantly, confidence.

Press play on Juto’s Velvet below:

Source: Elevator

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