Las Vegas Playboy, Jayy Resurfaces With His Somber New Single

Las Vegas has a stigma, we get it, and with great power, comes great responsibility… or something like that. So for Las Vegas rapper Jayy to take it upon himself to craft the party boy, no-fucks-given kind of ladies-man image he’s crafted, it’s honestly a charitable service. But just like for anybody else, heartbreak and insecurities are inescapable as he describes on his new single, “You Never Really Loved Me”.

At this point, we’ve covered Jayy a few times on this publication, and without a doubt, this is the best song he’s ever released. Although it’s a bit more somber than his usual tracks, as it touches on the themes of love, not feeling good enough for somebody and the overall perils of mixing lust with cash and drugs, it’s the most honest we’ve seen Jayy in his music. Authenticity is an endearing quality, and we’re not all happy all the time.

Press play on the single below and keep up with Jayy’s progression.

Source: Elevator

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