Make sure to set time aside to stream all 6-tracks on King Kade’s debut EP

No lie, King Kade is onto something and especially underrated at the current moment. Based in Los Angeles, California now, the rising pop artist just dropped his first full EP which is entitled Grow Up, Go Love Something. Including features from Pettros, Patrick Michel, and Fabzabove, King Kade pieced together the perfect blend of hip hop and punk rock on the entire 6-track EP.

When King Kade first entered the music scene back in 2010, he was part of a rock band based in Boston, MA. After relocating to LA, Kade started his career as a solo pop and hip hop artist.

His new project, Grow Up, Go Love Something, contains noteworthy production from Mike Hector. Stream all 6-tracks below.

Source: Elevator

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