New York Emcee, Skaa Delivers His Jazzy New Single

Growing up, I have to admit, I didn’t know much about the country Manila. Actually, the extent of my knowledge came from the ‘Thrilla In Manila’ boxing match where Muhammad Ali defeated Joe Frazier. Despite this, the country is a beautiful one and is responsible for some significant contributions to the world. One person looking to uphold that tradition is native rapper Skaa, who relocated to New York and checks in with his new single, “Tel Aviv”.

Set to the tone of some incredibly jazzy production provided by Joemay, the vibe of this single is calm, tranquil and is reliant on a lyrically masterful performance from Skaa. Never sounding too eager, or too relaxed, Skaa effortless skates over the polished production, making for a highly enjoyable listen.

Press play on, “Tel Aviv” below and get hip to Skaa.

Source: Elevator

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