BNZA goes deeper on “Every Moment”

Toronto based vocalist BNZA has a deeper message below the surface on his latest effort “Every Moment”. The Tibetan immigrant submitted his single to us and we were fascinated by his origin story and his mission as an artist. When speaking on the importance of his roots and culture BNZA said:

The goal of this process is to destigmatize the idea of arts and the creative industry being a less favorable career path in the Tibetan community. Due to the dramatically stigmatized notion towards the arts and creative industry, Tibetan parents often force their kids to leave behind their passion and drive for arts and the creative field in order to look at more normative systemic avenues the older generation of the community very much favors. Likewise, our goal is to showcase what our community has to offer in this field, inspire the youth and throw our hat in the pool full of very talented multicultural voices within Toronto and its arts and creative industry.

It’s clear that there is meaning and a message behind this immensely talented singer-songwriter, who not only takes influence from the Toronto heavy hitters – but contributes to the respected and dense Toronto music scene.

Tune in to BNZA’s “Every Moment” below:

Source: Elevator

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