Tommy Ice continues torrid release pace

Tommy Ice is back on Elevator for the second time in less than a week with yet another anthemic release. The melodically inclined artist is quickly forging his own lane in the music industry as the Atlanta native continues his rapid ascension thanks in part to his unwavering consistency. On Tommy’s latest thundering track, “Rich Livin’ Shit”, the talented youth is asserting himself as the star that is. Ice doesn’t have time for distraction on his way to fame, but he makes it clear he still knows how to work the muzzle if he needs to.

Tommy’s consistency and creativity make him a force to be reckoned with both now and in the future as the artist continues to evolve with each passing release. What is clear is that Tommy is someone that demands attention in 2019 and beyond. If you’re not already familiar, now is the time to get in tune.

Press play on “Rich Livin’ Shit” below.

Source: Elevator

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