Maryland Rapper Yung Manny Is Balling Out In His New Video

Maryland rap phenom and young prodigy Yung Manny hasn’t even graduated high school but is already making major moves, taking the internet by storm and solidifying himself as the hottest and arguably one of the best artists currently coming out of the DMV putting his foot on the gas as he consistently drops videos Never letting his buzz diminish as he captures the moment with amazing music that balances whimsical wordplay  colorful references to kids shows and cartoons  and an incredible amount of confidence that shines through in his music.

The video for “All My Guys Are Ballers” opens up with Manny dressed as a ballplayer in a Jersey and shorts with a basketball under his feet, repeating the chorus of the song to a duo of men dressed in suits left dismayed by his repetition on the hook as they prompt him to rap the rest of the song to which he responds “it’s just my concept”. This humorous skit then leads to the video where Manny and his friends can be seen dancing around at the playground. By the end of the video, even the frustrated men from the previous office scene can be seen partying along. After a quick YouTube search. I discovered the idea for the skit is a loose recreation of a skit by comedian Josh2Funny uploaded in 2017 under the name “The Audition 20 All My Guys Are Ballerz”  it’s a pretty funny clip you should check after or before you hear this track.

Once again the teenaged talent finds a way to craft a perfectly cheerful Rap tune that kids,  teens, and even adults can enjoy offering lighthearted lyricism on a danceable track that can be casually enjoyed and lyrically examined offering up witty punchlines presented in an unthreatening, fun manner without uttering a single curse word or obscenity. Sure, Manny’s music is filled with references to violence but it’s not the type of visceral, cold-blooded violence you’ll find in a record by Young Nudy where everything he says is deadly serious. With its chantry chorus and festive vibe, “All My Guys Are Ballers” is a vibrant tune that could easily be a warm weather anthem that could carry on into the Spring and summer, another budding hit that Manny can add to his impressive rotation of excitement generating singles that include “I’m Yung Manny: “Manny 2x”, “Bitcoin, and his breakout release”Moana”.

Watch the video for “All My Guys Are Ballers” and keep an eye on Yung Manny. He’s taking off

Source: Elevator

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