TM88 delivers first solo material of 2019

TM88 is no stranger to hits and massive success on the Billboard charts. The famed Miami producer responsible for “Xo Tour Lif3” is back on radars and playlists around the world with a stunning new release. His latest offering, “A beat for my GMA- Love You” is at first a subdued interpolation of the classic ’80s cut “Take On Me”. Then suddenly, TM’s signature blend of percussion comes thundering in to accompany the captivating track. The track marks TM88’s first release of 2019 and is a stunning reminder of the musical depth that the prodigal producer possesses. At nearly five minutes in length, 88 is fully in his bag on the immersive new offering that’s sure to delight old and new heads alike.

Press play on TM88’s newest below.

Source: Elevator

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