Southern California Rapper, Noa James Drops Off His Energetic New Project

When it comes to the Inland Empire region of Southern California, it may not check off the cliche boxes that immediately stick out when thinking of the state. Despite this, the IE is one of the most dedicated and hardworking sections of California, and responsible for some outright cool shit. One person who’s classically helped lead that charge is native, Noa James, who drops off his high-octane new project, The Majestic Travels of OrcaMane & OGIE.

At 8-tracks, the project is fully produced by Nuglife Productions, and they did not disappoint. Utilizing some unique sounds to make it feel like this whole adventure takes place in a ‘Hell In The Cell’ WWE match, Noa & Nug create a high-energy, easily replayable project with the Yoshi Vintage-assisted, “JUGGERNAUT” serving as the standout, with Yoshi providing a ridiculously impressive guest verse.

Press play on the project below and be sure to stay familiar with Noa James and the IE.

Source: Elevator

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