Maxo Kream laments broken criminal justice system in new video

Houston-bred Maxo Kream returns with a new music video for his song, “Meet Again,” which depicts the hardships and trauma faced by those affected by the prison industrial complex. The emcee raps over a melancholy beat about his hope that friends and family will be reunited with him soon. With pointed lyricism, Maxo informs the listener of the effects that systemic oppression has mentally and emotionally on people of color who are disproportionately targeted by the oppressive epidemic of mass incarceration, a militarized American police force, and policy that directly infringes upon and lacks to protect the human rights of those in marginalized communities. The artist’s frustration starts at the lack of fair trials and proper legal counsel provided to defendants and ends with lamenting vicious cycles of recidivism.

On “Meet Again,” Maxo Kream uses his voice so that his audience can gain an increased understanding of the experiences he wishes to change.

Listen to “Meet Again” out now.

Source: Elevator

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