Rising NYC Crooner, SASH Turns In His Infectious New Visuals

Instrumentalists in Hip-Hop make the genre go ‘round. I mean seriously… rappers are awesome, but nothing makes a record better than some added live instrumentation, making it feel more authentic and personal. For New York City native, SASH, that instrument has always been guitar, and he proves his prowess on his new record, “Moving Reckless”.

Directed by SASH himself, the video follows him and his crew through an empty dirt road, as SASH croons his relatable lyrics to the scene of wild kids having a lot of fun. Although the tone is the record doesn’t necessarily match the video, it’s hardly ever a problem, as the infectiousness of both helps to wipe away any worries, and encourage joy.

Take a peek at the video here and keep an eye on SASH.


Source: Elevator

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