Holland Izz demonstrates raw potential with “Classless” visual

Compton rapper Holland Izz initially reached out to ELEVATOR with an eagerness and positive attitude that caught my attention amidst the mass of generic music submissions in my inbox. And thus, Holland Izz graces us with his energetic new video for his John Goines-produced single, “Classless.”

What stood out most was his crazy, high-pitched voice, not unlike the upper registers tapped by many a West Coast rapper like Almighty Suspect, Blueface, or even a Kendrick character voice at times. However, on “Classless”, Holland Izz doesn’t drop down from his altitudinous wails.

While the quality of the song’s production leaves much to be desired, his striking vocalization and upbeat delivery make him memorable. His consistency conjures the belief that it’s less of a gimmick and more of a commitment to authenticity and self-expression.

And honestly, an artist who genuinely greets me in his emails saying “Top of the morning!” makes me feel inexplicably less discouraged by the music discovery process.

Listen to more of Holland Izz, available everywhere.

Source: Elevator

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