LION BABE’s pioneering spirit is ever-present in new album

Singer Jillian Hervey and producer Lucas Goodman, the masterminds of LION BABE, have long established their chemistry behind the music. From the release of their EP in 2014 that gave us “Treat Me Like Fire” to the in-between singles like “She’s a Lady” and “Rockets” to collaboration remixes done with notable electronic musicians like Snakehips and Zed Bias, the duo returns to grace us with new & electrifying energy after since being freed from the limitations surrounding their past projects.

Cosmic Wind is one of those albums that brings on the nostalgic moments that were present on their last album, especially reflected in their R&B, funk, & electronic style. The execution on each track is based around a specific vibe, particularly viewed as “mood setters”—songs where you can visualize the settings in which these sounds reside. “Sexy Please” comes with dashes of empowerment, with lyrics like “Can I be sexy please?/Tell you what, really need/Looking for energy/Need a taste, fantasy..” serving as gestures of building self-confidence. In “Western World” featuring Raekwon, we catch glimpses of this blazing summer to come, also reminding us of the freeing space that’s exclaimed on the Pet Shop Boys sampled track.

Beginning with the first track, “Cosmic Wind”, highlights of Jillian’s craft are brought to the forefront, as she raps with a cool-headed essence about her voice. Other tracks like “Hit the Ceiling” and the Bilal-featuring song “Can I See It”, the album flows with ease & glimmers with a newfound sparkle of strength.

Press play on Cosmic Wind down below:

Source: Elevator

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