Pivot Gang makes their presence known on debut album

As I was scrolling through my timeline last night, I somehow came across a tweet stating that Pivot Gang’s debut album dropped. It’s been a minute since I’ve listened to a project the night of its release, so I decided to check it out.

I am kind of hesitant when it comes to listening to new music by a new artist. I try to go in with an open mind and no expectations. I did no research about this group of artists before listening to their new project but once I got through all 13 tracks, I certainly was not disappointed.

Pivot Gang is a hip-hop collective hailing from the west side of Chicago – something they definitely made known in these songs. Last night, the emerging artists dropped their debut album, You Can’t Sit With Us, featuring dapper cover art that suggests exactly that.

The group is comprised of Saba, Joseph Chilliams, MFnMelo, squeakPIVOT, Frsh Waters, and daedaePIVOT. Ahead of the album, they released “Jason Statham, Pt. 2,” “Studio Ground Rules,” and “Bad Boys (feat. Smino)” respectively.

Their advanced lyricism over chill and relaxed beats are what makes them the cool kids that one would need permission to sit with. Considering the current hip-hop climate, not too many rap artists make music that is both pleasing to the ear and reveals fire wordplay, but Pivot Gang nailed it. It is even more impressive because they are a group. Everyone seems to have their turn in each song, each clocking in in a way that allows us to differentiate between members without it sounding choppy.

My favorite tracks are “Hero” and “Bible.” Peep those two and the rest of the album below. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Source: Elevator

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