California band Spite is ‘The Root Of All Evil’ in mind blowing new music video

Fresh to the pages of Elevator today is emerging California-based band Spite with their latest visual release titled “The Root Of All Evil”. In the past few years, following the release of their 2016 debut project, Spite, the band has been aggressively touring and has built up a cult-like following for themselves.

Their latest release comes as the band’s first single since their 2017 album Nothing Is Beautifuland it is now supported by a mind-blowing music video. With a sound that is reminiscent of everything that was perfect about late 2000’s metalcore and a modern twist on hardcore punk, Spite is without a doubt an act to keep your eyes on in the near future. As the band is amassing a loyal following across the United States with their D.I.Y. work ethic, we would not be surprised if they break out of the pack they’re currently running with and become a household name in the future.

Watch the Orie McGinness directed video here:

Source: Elevator

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