Las Vegas Natives, Tribe Chillin Deliver Their Lighthearted New Stoner Video

4/20 just passed, but for real stoners, everyday is 4/20. So despite the fact that your hypebeast coworker only smoked for that day to, “celebrate”, weed is still being smoked—and lots of it. Hailing from Las Vegas, collective Tribe Chillin knows just as much, if not more about this than anybody. Pulling out all the hazy stops, they come together to release their foggy new video for, “Spliff”.

Shot by popular videographer, agoodbreak, “Spliff” is an incredibly lighthearted video that follows the 4 boys through a few different costume changes. Kicking it off with lead-man, Wave MMLZ rocking a chef’s outfit and kicking bars while playing around with a massive amount of weed, the video then pans to the rest of the crew wearing different funny costumes during their verses—culminated by a brilliant shot of Chief DVB as a mad scientist.

Serving as a fun, in-the-moment record considering the holiday just passed, “Spliff” is one of my favorite Tribe collaborations to date. Press play on the video below and let us know what you think.

Source: Elevator

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