New Zealand Crooner, Somber Debuts His Infectious New Track

Hip-Hop from overseas always intrigues me. The fact that, what started out as a means of passing time in the boroughs of New York City, has turned into this global phenomenon is completely baffling, and at the same time inspiring. For New Zealand native, Somber, that inspiration evolved into passion, and that passion evolved into a career. Checking in with our page for the first time, he drops off his new song, “A Place To Hide”.

Produced by Saya, “A Place To Hide” is a sad, though infectious record that tells the tale of a young person trying to find solace, and the only place to do that is alone. With Saya providing a refreshingly infectious beat that lays it perfectly for Somber, the two made sure their second collaboration would be better than the first. They accomplished that — which wasn’t easy — and I’m excited to see where this record goes.

Press play on the song below and get familiar with New Zealand’s own.

Source: Elevator

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