Inglewood Rapper, NiQLE NUT Drops Off His Scathing New Video

Music video’s that have the label, “freestyle” on them, usually make me nervous. The reason for this is, “freestyle” usually means undeveloped and rushed, not polished and refreshing. Despite this, every once in a while, I’m proved wrong and blown away by pure skill, and with Inglewood rapper, NiQLE NUT, as well as his new video for, “NyQuil Freestyle”, this was definitely one of those times.

Set to the backdrop of a dark LA night, NiQLE utilizes the Brainztem shot video to help highlight and drive home his clever lyrics and unique swagger. With the production falling more on the energetic, paranoia-fueled side of the ball, the video helps emphasize this and creates for an eerie, yet intriguing video.

Check out the video below and get familiar with NiQLE NUT.

Source: Elevator

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