Seattle Native, Sadistik Drops Off His Energetic New Project

2019 provides a different type of opportunity to Hip-Hop artists and musicians as a whole. Nowadays, you can make a very fair living off of making music, solely, without the mainstream ever acknowledging you. One artist who’s done this perfectly is Seattle rapper, Sadistik. Crafting an organically supportive underground fanbase, his releases always go crazy and he continues this streak with his new project, Haunted Gardens.

After debuting at #3 on the iTunes Hip-Hop charts — and #38 overall — on the backs of completely independent work, it’s safe to say that Sadistik is the People’s Champ. Tapping into a sense of relatability that’s tough to find amidst the materialistically-driven mainstream realm, Sadistik’s best quality is his ability to connected with the listener. While playing the project, listening to songs like, “Burning Lakes”, “Coals” and more, you feel as if you’re in the room with him, feeling the pain seeping through his pen as if the ink signified the tears.

With the Seattle native charting and building this fan base off of virtually little-to-no media support, I’m excited to see where his trajectory goes as he starts to gain that. Until then, press play on Haunted Gardens below and get familiar with one of the hottest underground acts.

Source: Elevator

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