bbno$ continues his hot streak with new ELEVATOR premiered track

bbno$ is blowing up. The underground star has amassed a tremendous cult following, including a scarily devoted Chinese contingency of followers (bluntly described by Good Juice Box as, “Ultra-fucking famous. Like Justin Bieber level.)” His music isn’t overly serious and certainly is not gruff or hard, but is undeniably fun and undeniably bouncy.

It makes sense why people are so drawn to him. He blends caring about the art form while not being a pretentious dick perfectly, and that is quite beautiful. His main producer, Lentra, is the architect of many of these bouncy, almost disco-like instrumentals. I love bbno$’s music and he is a breath of fresh air in a cutthroat music scene.

Stream “Sriracha” here:

Source: Elevator

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