Felly and Jack Harlow collide for a nostalgic and sanguine new visual.

I have long hypothesized that Felly and Jack Harlow would be the ideal white rapper combination on a track together and finally it has materialized. “Cheap Cheap” is a lighthearted slapper between two artists who are equally hard and not-too-serious and the end product was delightful. Felly’s verse was impressive, featuring a variety of cadence and vocal changes, some even compacted into one bar. The hook is uplifting and celebratory and for very good reason. Both of these two had incredible 2018s and are poised to rise to bona fide star status in 2019. Jack Harlow was impressive as usual, reminiscing on old haters and adolescent experiences.

Watch the “Cheap Cheap” video here:

Source: Elevator

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