Ascending Brazilian Vocalist, Sartør Delivers Her Impressive New EP

Carving a lane for yourself in American music when you’re not from here, and familiar with the scope of things can be incredibly challenging. But just like with anything else, the greats always rise to the challenge. For Brazilian native, Sartør, her challenge has been crossing over, but after an impressive start to 2019, she ups the ante with her new EP, It’s Alright.

At 7-tracks, the EP is perfect in lengths and jam-packed full of content. Opting for the more Pop-driven sound on this project, Sartør utilizes the project to introduce new, infectious qualities to her music that showcases the potential for stardom. On tracks like, “What You Need” and “3AM”, she highlights the duality of her pen, with “What You Need” serving as the in-the-moment independent woman anthem, while “3AM” is the more simp-driven, nighttime track that’ll have you pondering an ex-lover.

In short, It’s Alright is a very solid introduction into Sartør for those that are unfamiliar, while simultaneously surprising familiar listeners with her progression. Either way, take a listen to the EP below and get familiar with the rising Brazilian star.

Source: Elevator

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