Little Rock Rapper, A1 Nino Returns With His Energetic New Project

Little Rock, Arkansas is not historically known as a hotbed for Hip-Hop talent. Despite this, as we know all-to-well nowadays, the internet knows no boundaries, and neither do consumers. So for a star to rise from the depths of Arkansas is not so far-fetched in 2019, and that’s exactly what’s happening. With the city spearheading his ascension, A1 Nino releases his anticipated new project, Nino Corleone.

Buoyed by contemporary production that’s reliant on heavy bass-kicks, adventurous synths and clever tricks that leave room for Nino to spazz, the project is without a doubt the best work I’ve heard from Nino to date. Highlighted by songs like, “Frank Lucas”, Chanel” and “Funeral”, Nino sounds comfortable and at ease on all these beats, as he effortlessly shifts through different cadences and vocal patterns like they were different pairs of shoes.

With the project sitting at 11-tracks, Nino Corleone serves as a great project for Nino to get 2019 going. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: Elevator

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