Buzzing Artist, Avely Returns With His Spacey New Video

Videos can often make or break a record, no matter how good or bad. For this reason, artists usually spend anywhere from $250 all the way up to million dollar budgets, just to give the record that extra push and potential for viral content that you need in 2019. So when I see newer artists adding that same care, such as rising crooner Avely, and his new video for, “Heartache”, it always causes me to stop in my tracks.

Directed by Brix, the video is without a doubt the star of this show, utilizing insane effects to help drive home the infectiousness of Avely’s vocals. With the production falling on the side of ambient, though creatively fearless, the beat left a lot of room for Avely to work, and that he did, creating a dope video that does exactly what we talked about in the intro, helps make the song.

Press play on the video below and get familiar with the ascending songwriter.

Source: Elevator

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