New Jersey Natives, Dab Papi & Maur Kii Team Up For Their Adventurous New Visuals

Being in a duo doesn’t have to define who you are, artistically. Actually, it can do the exact opposite, and help you grow—having somebody to bounce ideas off of, and let you know when something is whack. For New Jersey rappers Dab Papi and Maur Kii, the latter has been their experience with collaboration, and they’ve both gotten better. Realizing their potential together, they team up to release their new video for, “Push 2 Start”.

Directed by Angelo Deprater, the video cleverly takes place in an auto-body shop, with Kii and Papi playing the roles the mechanics looking to help a couple of young ladies with some car troubles. Instead, they’re treated to a potential hit. Showcasing Kii on the hook as well as with his scathing first verse, Papi then comes in at the end and plays clean up with an auto-tune heavy verse, that’s one of the more infectious moments of the video with a dope shot of him under the body of a whip, rapping his lyrics.

Check the new video out below and be sure to get familiar with the New Jersey duo.

Source: Elevator

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