Houston Artist, Mike Devoe Unleashes His Engaging New Video

Texas has, and will always be a major staple in Hip-Hop, this is fact. But, we cannot overlook the new wave of potential stars that have been coming in from Houston. Spearheaded by names like Maxo Kream and Megan Thee Stallion, we’ve been blessed to see the next generation of Texas stars carve their own lanes. Looking to be next in that, Houston rep Mike Devoe delivers his new video for, “Day N’ Night”.

Directed by Matthew Visuals, the video for, “Day N Night” is simple, but effective. Shot in front of a green screen that allowed for some very infectious effects and backgrounds, which could’ve made for a disaster, the effects always felt well-placed and never saturated.

As for the record, Devoe utilizes his infectious voice to construct a hook that’s incredibly easy to sing along too, while also proving himself worthy during the verses. I’d suggest, personally, for Devoe to get his flow a little bit tighter, but that comes with experience and time. As for now, this record is definitely worth the listen.

Check out the video below and get familiar with Mike Devoe.

Source: Elevator

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