RetroI$Awesome Ain’t Caping For No One On “SUPERMAN” feat. BadLuckBorn

Plainfield, NJ spitter RetroI$Awesome flies in with a colorful visual to his banger “SUPERMAN” featuring BadLuckBorn. Found on his 2018 mixtape SWI$HTAPE, “SUPERMAN” is full of superhero homages and super-powered flexing. The Pronto-produced track is tailor-made for super stunting. The video game-esque production sounds like playing Street Fighter 2 in the trap and Retro and BadLuckBorn handle business over the springing production. Just in the chorus Retro name drops Superman, The Flash and Static making it the perfect fusion of nerdiness and griminess.

The video handled by visual mastermind Ant Originates hits just as hard as the track itself. Full of quick cuts and epic visual effects, SUPERMAN is enthralling. So much happens here: The cape of Retro’s red du-rag billows in the wind as 16-bit Superman and Batman have an epic battle on the streets of Gotham in the background. The video for SUPERMAN might be better than any live-action Superman film to date.

Word on the street is that SWI$HTAPE Vol. 2 is on the way so bump the original to hold you over.  

Source: Elevator

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