Mavi’s new short film may be the most artistically significant visual of 2019.

Mavi first arrived on ELEVATOR’s radar after his lyrically dense track “HARRIET” earlier this week, and he follows this up with a short-film to match his song “Willpower.” Mavi’s melancholic storytelling and technical skill as a rapper are both marvels to behold and I am impressed with his maturity on the mic for someone at such a young age. He easily communicates the emotions of the youth and our generation being the so-called “Doomers,” and for that reason alone, the work of Mavi is extremely valuable. I don’t want to give too much context or analysis around the short film itself, as that should be done by every individual who watches it, but just sit back and enjoy the work of Mavi.

Watch “willpower” here:

Source: Elevator

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